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Heritage Apples Produced at Tree-Mendus Fruit.
 More than 200 varieties for you to pick from...

    Take a step back into time and retrieve the tastes of yesteryear with Tree-Mendus Fruit's
Heritage Apples. Harvest begins with some early varieties in 
mid-August and continuing through October. Preserved and hand selected by 
curator Herb Teichman from our collection of old-time varieties. 
Sample the simple pleasures of a wholesome past, bursting with incomparable
 uniqueness and flavor.

apple case
Here are just a few of the verieties we grow with a short descriptin.  You can order
a book that we have put together with description's of the more than 200 verieties of apples
we grow.  Call for your copy now for only $5.50 (postage and handling included).
Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at (269)782-7101 or (269)877-863-3276
You can view our list here on the web.  Apple's
 Empire:  Savor the richness of the Empires beautiful red 
                yellow skin. A cross of the McIntosh and Delicious 
                from the Geneva New York Research Station. Excellent 
                eating quality.
goldenRusset Golden Russet: Taste one of the most famous old American russet apples, remembered for its fine-grained, mellow yellow crisp flesh, bursting with sugary juices bound to stick to ones fingers like candy.

 Holiday:  The definitive dessert apple: The white, juicy  flesh is tart and 
          	 crisp, and explodes with each bite. A cross between the Jonathan 
		 and Macoun,  this fine flavored apple was recently introduced 
           	 by the Ohio Agriculture Experiment Station.
Calville Blanc D'hiver: The classic dessert apple of France is a delicacy still served in the finest Paris  restaurants. Its tender, spicy flesh with the fragrance of a delicate banana is packed with Vitamin C, exceeding all other eating apples and even the orange!


 Jonathan:  A favorite since introduced in 1826 from an orchard  in New 
		   York, first planted by Jonathan Harsbrouck. A Tree-Mendus 
		   original from our beginnings in 1926, old fashioned flavor 
		   harvested from September through October.
 Margil:  Classic and conical in shape, the Margil's firm yellowish flesh offers 
		a sugary, luscious aromatic flavor. Cultivated around 1750 and 
		remembered for its orange-red skin marked with dark red stripes,
               the Margil stores well and is excellent for blending  in ciders.
fallwater apple Fallwater/Tulpehocken:   Perfect for pies, sauces and apple butters, this variety's first recorded planting was in the 1800's growing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  When carefully harvested in the fall, its flesh is coarse, crisp and mildly sweet, and unassertive with age!


Esopus Spitzenberg: Spicy in character, the flesh is pale yellow,  firm crisp and tender to taste. Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple keeps well when  properly harvested during early October.        
Espous Spitzenberg.jpg

                And there' more...over 200 additional all-time 
               favorites, incomparable, delightful and luscious. 
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split apple

      *For what's rip-n-ready for u-pick or shipping see our Ripe-N-Ready Report.

100% Guarantee   If you are dissatisfied with anything that you order from Tree-Mendus Select, call us immediately.


PHONE:  1-269-782-7101  or  1-877-863-3276     FAX:   1-269-461-4187     E-MAIL:  treemendus@qtm.net     9351 E Eureka Rd, Eau Claire, MI 49111