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The contest is open to everyone regardless of age or sex.

All contestants must register in qualifying court prior to spitting, unless spitter is awarded a special exemption by the official tournament judge. Registration deadline is 12:00 noon on day of Championship.

No foreign objects may be held in the mouth which would give an advantage in spitting the pit. Denture racks will be provided for those wishing to remove their teeth.

The contestant's foul line will be determined on a handicap basis according to height, in order to remove any advantage to taller contestants. The handicap will consist of a two-inch (50.8 mm) withdrawal from the base foul line for each one-inch (25.4 mm) of contestant height over four feet (1.21 m). Any contestant four feet tall or less will stand at the base foul line. The decision of the tournament line judge is final.

Contestants must select three cherries from the regulation variety (Montmorency) supplied by the tournament committee. Cherries must be washed and chilled to 55-60oF pit temperature.

Each cherry must be inserted in the mouth whole, all soluble solids eaten prior to spitting of the pit. No part of the cherry may be removed from the mouth after insertion.

Each contestant must spit his/her pit within 60 seconds of the time he/she is called to the line by the tournament judge. Three spits are allowed. The longest of three is recorded. If a pit is swallowed, that spit is forfeited.

Contestants' hands must remain below the shoulders (to avoid popping one's cheeks).

Contestants' feet may not touch or cross the foul line.

Spitters must stand flat on the ground -- or ground level platform -- to spit. Spitters are prohibited from using any kind of mechanical or other device to improve body thrust or spit length (including hydraulic hoists, wall support, etc.).

The pit spitting range will be available for practice spitting from 10:00 a.m. until noon on the contest day. Practicing spitters will be allowed three spits.

Qualifying rounds for the championship contest will be held Friday, the day before the Championship, at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., and on Saturday, day of Championship, starting at 10:00 a.m. Deadline for reporting to qualifying court is noon on contest day. (All times listed are EDT.)


Pit Spitting Platform (4 ft x 8 ft.)
Cherry Pit Spitting Court (asphalt-base court 100 ft x 20 ft.)
"On Deck" Area and Height Measurement Area
Spit-by-Spit Scoreboard.
Spectators' Arena.

Distance Judges (one official judge and one assistant)
Pit Sweeper (Removes pits from course between contestants)
Line Judge (Monitors foul and handicap lines, positioned on left of spitter)
Official Timekeeper (Spitter has 60 seconds to spit pit after inserting cherry in mouth.)
Handicap Measurement Judge (Measures height, determines handicap)
Official Tournament Judge
Honorary Judges
Official Scorekeeper
Emcee and Announcer (spit-by-spit announcer and color man)


Pit Spitting Platform consists of a 4 ft. by 8 ft. (1.21m x 2.42m) area with measurement marks at two inch (50.8mm) increments for handicap allowance. May use a plywood piece laid flat on asphalt.

Cherry Pit Spitting Court is 20 ft. x 100 ft. and marked out on an asphalt base with measurement marks at one foot increments. Measurement marks are about 1/4 inch wide and numbered, showing distance from court end, which helps for quick distance identification. (A ruler attached at midpoint and perpendicular to a two foot handle is useful for exact measurements.) "Outside court" boundaries are clearly visible, two inch wide stripes. If a pit lands on this boundary mark, it is considered "out of bounds". Asphalt surface must be clean, smooth and level. (A driveway or a parking lot works well.)

"On Deck" and Height Measurement Area accommodates spitters awaiting turn and height measurement for determination of handicap. (Accurate measurement, to nearest inch is required.) Area includes a sturdy table to accommodate the following equipment:

Denture Rack

Measuring Equipment (vertical pole with 8 foot tape attached) for measuring contestants' height.

Stop Watch

Box for filing spitters' names and handicap

Awards and Trophies

Spit-by-Spit Scoreboard is positioned so as to be visible to crowd. Longest of three spits is announced by Distance Judge and recorded by Scorekeeper. A couple long tables end-to-end provide space for podium and officials.

Spectators' Area consists of bleachers set to the side of court, a few feet from court boundary, and shaded when possible.


Approves the condition of pit spitting court.
Keeps court clear during contest.
Points to the pit when it lands.
Measures the distance the pit traveled (to the nearest 1/2 inch).
Announces to the scorekeeper the exact distance the pit traveled including the roll within bounds.
Verifies the scorekeeper's figures.
Removes the cherry pits after each contestant finishes.
Observes action of each spitter in case of question as to infractions.

Assists Distance Judge.
Removes pits form court between contestants.

Monitors court boundaries and foul lines.
Verifies the contestants' handicap.
Observes action of spitters during contest.

Keeps 60 second clock and monitors contestants' time of spitting (after inserting cherry in mouth).
Observes action of spitters during contest.

Identifies contestants and gets complete addresses.
Figures each contestant's handicap, as follows:

A contestant standing 4 feet tall (1.21m) or less would stand at the regular foul line (at the edge of the court). If one is taller than 4 feet (1.21m) there will be a 2 inch (50.8mm) handicap assessed for each one inch (25.4mm) above 4 feet (1.21m). The purpose for this is to remove the advantage that the taller contestant has in trajectory of the pit.

Makes certain the Official Line Judge instructs the contestant to stand at their assigned foul line.

Renders final judgment in case of dispute.
Endorses the distances before submitting to the Record at conclusion of the contest.
Identifies winners and presents awards.
Files all records and answers correspondence.

Enters contestants' proper names on scoreboard. (Previous world champions are the last to spit.)
Records distance of each pit and enters longest of 3 spits on scoreboard as announced by Distance Judge.
Works with Master of Ceremonies.
Checks scoreboard (sheets) and submits them to Tournament Judge at end of contest.





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